Mark & Debbi

Dear Cecilia we are far away from Cozumel but we remember those unique moments we lived during our wedding. Thank you so much for helping us organize everything. IT was incredible! The only thing we had to do was get dressed up and you took care of everything else. It was wonderful!

Excellent Job!

Mark & Debbi - Picture Gallery


Jamie & Jeremy

Thank you Cecilia for helping us make our dreams come true. We always dreamed having our wedding beside the Ocean, simple but in good taste and creative. You understood what we wanted. The sea food was excellent and the tropical drinks superior. We will never forget you.

Thanks !

Jamie & Jeremy - Picture Gallery


Joseph & Daminhe

Dear Cecilia thank You for your understanding of our wishes and making our dream wedding come true. We knew how difficult it would be to accommodate our Iranian rituals. The minister was wonderful and warmed our hearts, as did the flowers, the music and the reception. The reception was well organized and everybody agreed that the dinner was exquisite and the atmosphere very attractive.

Daminhe and I are in love and we love Mexico and its people and especially you.

Thanks a lot
Joseph & Daminhe

Joseph & Daminhe - Picture Gallery


Leah & Kyle

Dear Cecilia our wedding was wonderful! First of all we want you to know that it was the time of our lives! We and our family had so much fun on the cruise. And the ceremony, in front of the turquoise ocean of the Caribbean with the white sand and palm trees in the background, was a setting so incredibly beautiful! And the guitar music was just perfect.

Also the food and tropical drinks topped it all off beautifully. We will definitely be back soon!

Thanks for everything
Leah & Kyle

Leah & Kyle - Picture Gallery


Jessica & Andy

Dear Cecilia:

Thank you for all of the recommendations for our wedding. Everything was so appropriate. What I really appreciated was the great communication between us. It was like having a sister help organize the wedding. You did an excellent job in planning and coordinating the wedding. The Mexican food and Mariachis were excellent, and we will never forget the piñata. Nice touch!
We appreciate the fine details you put in everything! Please don´t hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

We´ll always remember you with lots of love!
Jessica & Andy

Jessica & Andy - Picture Gallery


Shannon & Kennet


Palancar is a beautiful location, and the sea food was delicious. We had a great time. I promise to come and stay for a week next time. This is a unique island and we have great memories of Cozumel.

Thanks so much for your wonderful service to give us the perfect ceremony!!!

Shannon & Kennet

Shannon & Kennet - Picture Gallery


Michael & Wendy


Thank you so much for your expertise and effort in making our vow renewal a special experience.   The weather was perfect and our friends and family had a great experience. The photographer was also excellent. .Thanks to you and all your staff.


Michael & Wendy - Picture Gallery


Tara & Kevin

Dear Cecilia:

I want to thank you for the excellent organization of our wedding. I was a little nervous because we were so far away, but my aunt highly recommended you and she was right. Everything went great! The ceremony was beautiful along with the flowers and the Mariachis. The wedding brought so much happiness to us and our family.

The food was excellent! And it was very romantic. Many Thanks
Tara & kevin

Tara & Kevin - Picture Gallery


Jorge & Candi

Dear Cecilia:

We want to thank you for your valuable help, especially in taking everything to the cenote zone. We enjoyed the ambiance. Being surrounded by the Mayan mysticism prayers, we felt for a moment that we were taken back to ancient times. It was incredible. The reception with the typical Maya food, the table decorations and the music were perfect.

Jorge & Candi

Jorge & Candi - Picture Gallery


Eduardo y Azucena

Dear Cecilia, we want to thank you a lot for helping and orienting us in this process what would have otherwise been complicated, you made easy and thanks for your experience which was great.
The religious ceremony was beautiful and very important for us to have God in our marriage.

My family and friends enjoyed the dinner which was delicious, the music added a lot of ambiance, and the white and black chocolate cake was exquisite.

We were left with a good taste from the entire event. Everything was well planned and timely, the waiters were efficient, the decoration very romantic, and the photographer and video were excellent. We highly recommend your services to our friends and I send greetings to you.

Eduardo &Azucena

Eduardo y Azucena - Picture Gallery

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