Welcome to Caribbean Weddings - Congratulations!

We are more than ready for the great day. First thing first, we are going to reserve the date and time for the wedding.

Immediately afterwards, we will begin working on every detail to plan an unforgettable wedding ceremony in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean.

Requiremenkts for a legal wedding in Mexico.

  • Valid Passports for the Bride and Groom.
  • Blood tests taken in Cozumel, blood type and HIV and STD, if you want to take them in your own country, a Mexican doctor must certify the tests. This will entail an extra charge.
  • 4 witnesses older than 18 years with a valid passport
  • All documents must be received in Cozumel at least five days before your wedding.

In case that one in the couple is divorced, we will need:
Divorce decree with apostils seal translated into Spanish by an official translator in Cozumel. Apostil seal ( from the Secretary of State of the state in which the decree was entered)

Cruise Ship Passengers

Same requirements for a legal wedding in Mexico mentioned before.

For religious ceremonies, you just need to fill up the application and the ordained minister will contact you to plan a ceremony specially dedicated to you.

There are beautiful churches in Cozumel for Catholic weddings.

Please remember to ask permission in your church to marry in another church, and give the proper documents you need. We will obtain the date and time for your wedding in the church of your choice in Cozumel.

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